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poor. >> good morning. desperate hours as conditions in haiti grow more dire. >> nobody showed up here. >> there going to be many difficult days ahead. >> a race against time to find anyone still alive under mountains of rubble. as aid workers struggle to deliver relief to survivors increasingly desperate for food and water. today saturday, january 16th, 2010.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and amy robach. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm amy robach. >> lester holt is on his way to hate wre there small signs of progress, but a sense there is an awful long way to go. >> lester is making a long trek. he landed and headed in to port-au-prince and will try to check in with us. the pictures and the numbers tell a story of deepening desperation and heart break. here's what we know. the haitian government believes between 100 and 200,000 people were killed. 40,000 have been buried in mass graves. among survivors, between 2 million and 3 million people are in need of food, water, shelter and medical care. >> the united states is mounting
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a record. military personnel are in haiti or on navy and coast guard ships and by monday that will be more than 10,000. along with relief agencies, they will face a population desperate for help with patience wearing thin. >> hillary clinton will get a firsthand look visiting haiti today and president obama will meet with former president clinton and george w. bush in enlisting their help in a fund-raising effort for earthquake relief. >> we have extended coverage in haiti and across the border in the dominican republic. an exclusive interview from a student who survived the quake and made her way home, but four classmates are among the missing. >> we begin with carrie sanders live in port-au-prince. what's the scene like? >> reporter: this is a city on edge.-au-prince is crush and
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somehow folks are keeping it together. as dawn broke, a prayer. god help us, the women sing. believe in the power of god. the power of prayer is about all people have left to hold on to here. emotions are at the breaking point. the government said the main concern is violence. the scramble for food turned desperate. the un's food warehouses were ransacked. in some places, dead bodies are used as roadblock. >> the red cross don't show up. the minster don't show up. nobody showed up here. >> reporter: the relief is chaotic. the military has the airport running and more than 20 countries have sent in aid, but geting it out is a critical problem. problem spoke to the haitian president to offer support. >> there going to be many difficult days ahead.
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so many people are in need of assistance, the port is closed and the roads are damaged. food is scarce and so is water. >> reporter: the un is trying to collect ready to eat meals to feed two millian haitians. 700,000 are homeless like this family sitting on their living room furniture under a tree since the earthquake struck. >> what are about tomorrow and the next day? >> we will do the same thing until everything will be okay. i don't know when, but -- >> reporter: around the corner, neighbors dig out bodies of their parents. >> for some the search is not for the living, but loved ones who they would like to give a proper burial. the haitian government said
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40,000 people have been buried. at cemetery so many bodies have been dumped, there is no room for more so they burned them. up the hill, a husband prays for a miracle. all he has right now is his faith. the belief that this rescue team from turkey can find his wife alive. they heard a weak voice deep from within the rubble. >> what did you hear? >> reporter: friends say it sounds like maggie, the mother of his two children. >> you are strong? >> yes, she fights. >> reporter: it was a five-story super market. maggie was working a job at the cash register. as the refer and the wait goes on, it seems everyone is waiting for something. it's been silent for more than
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an hour. lowle said he won't give up help. he asks to tap himself and he doesn't hear a thing. he won't leave and neither will the search teams from turkey. the turkish team is back at the site today. they say that they will continue to search there because of an experience they had in india. an earthquake there. they pulled a 13-year-old girl out alive after seven days. amy? >> carrey sanders in port-au-prince, thank you. >> some 10,000 american troops will number haiti by monday to assist, but u.s. service members are playing a vital role evacuating and saving haitians. we have more on their efforts. >> reporter: america's military is here answering the call for help with a steady stream of military hardware, helicopters, c 130s, bringing in medicine,
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food, water, and manpower and taking out hundreds of americans. the young, the old, and the injured, including missionaries. >> i love haiti. i would stay longer, but i'm told it's not safe. a great place, but a sad place. >> reporter: the aircraft carrier uss karl vincent is speeding up the delivery offed a. none too soon for if the coast guard which has been dealing with the impact for days. >> we are getting a close up look at the challenge the military is facing. >> reporter: the coast guard boat takes us where cars cannot. the coast guard base. here they are engaged in a battle to save lives. everywhere you look people suffering massive injuries and they keep coming with crushed limbs, severe infections, broken bones. >> we are making splints out of
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wood, plastic. we took ceiling tiles to make splints to help. >> reporter: they have no doctors, the computer specialist is giving shots to fight infections. an engineer is treating las rags and a cook is helping a woman with an injury. >> they have been doing everything on their own. they have been trained well, but they are doing everything from their training f. they are not sure, they are going with what they think is best. >> is there another choice in. >> these people have no other choice. >> reporter: larry ber someone a foreman. >> this man has a considered wound. he is barely holding on. he also had his whole face sutured up. he had maggots in the back of his head. we have been working for seven hours for this guy, but without a surgeon to take off the arm, they are in trouble.
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>> reporter: they are doing all they can until help arrives, still a week away helping the people of haiti hold on. ann curry, nbc news, port-au-prince. >> here's amy. >> lester holt is makes his way into haiti and driving late last night and joins us on the phone enroute to port-au-prince. where are you now? >> we are very, very close to the haitian boarder and we got in late last night and hit the root around 2:00 a.m. trying to get a clear road. 250 mile journey into port-au-prince can be clogged with relief splice. we haven't seen much yet. we may see more across the border and we had a crew that made the same journey yesterday. took over 10 hours partly because of the relief traffic and also because of the quality of the road is very, very bad.
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the number of relief agencies and workers still in the dominican republic trying to get flights or transportation into port-au-prince. people are arriving and splice are arriving, but it's not getting to where they need to be in the mess they need to be. we are taking a trip here, the mainland route, but air continues to be the one that will bring supplies from the outside. that continues to be a real hold up. coming back from new york, our commercial flight took a delay because of weight issues. they were trying to figure out how much baggage they had on board. they were limiting to two checked bags because of the amount of relief going on. we have to deal with that issue coming down here. we expect to hit port-au-prince late morning here. a lot more tonight on nbc
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nightly news. >> be safe and we will check back in with you later this morning. here's karl. >> to say that doctors and other professionals are overwhelmed. he joins us this morning from port-au-prince. hello to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> can you give us a sense of what you are seeing on the ground and an idea of whether or not the biggest concerns are getting food or water to people and medical splois and transportation. what priority are you seeing need? >> reporter: the biggest priority is getting water to people. 94 degrees during the day here and a lot of people are dehydrated and hungry, but you can stay hungrier longer than dehydrated. the other people is for those who are wounded.
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there not enough really skilled doctors. there weren't enough medical facilities to start with. then because of the earthquake, every hospital was destroyed. we visited a clinic that usually treats aids patients yesterday. they have been swamped. they had to lock the gates. so many wounded came in and homeless people looking for a place to be. they have done what they can for the wounded, but a lot of the people need very serious treatment. what's going to happen is if it doesn't arrive in the next few days, they will get infected wounds. that's the situation that they are facing. everybody is trying. you can hear the airplanes behind me of people trying to bring in supplies. you can only shove so much stuff down the neck of a funnel. it's a small place and this one road that lester holt is on and
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the airport is jam packed with 25 planes at a time circling in holding patterns. nothing can get in that quickly. it's a race between time of getting the water, food, and the medical treatment to people in time. for a lot of people it won't be in time, that's for sure. >> as we watch the pictures, watching that chain will be top of mind for a lot of us back home. we appreciate you report for example port-au-prince. beyond the presence, relief organizations are playing a key in haiti. most familiar is the american red cross. steve andrew is part of that team in port-au-prince. you heard bob talking about the ability of these planes even to get on the ground in haiti. you had two planes due to land on friday. were they able to get there? >> reporter: yes, good morning. our planes are in the air as they speak. they have not landed, but we are confident they will be arriving
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today and we will be unloading and getting stuff out to folks who need them. >> is the biggest problem getting cloo clearance to land and getting the goods unload and geting it on the road into the neighborhoods that need it? >> the big problem is we have not enough capacity at the airport or even within the country on the roads to bring the supplies in. we are slowly working through that. there is a lot of goods and stuff on the way. we have stuff that has been distributed with the haitian and american red cross. things are getting into place and we are mounding a massive relief operation which we have done many times for many years. we have challenges and we are overcoming them. >> we are beginning to hear reports that these people have been without food and water for several days. there is going to be looting and
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violence. how does the red cross deal with that? >> we have a great advantage in the red cross in that we have the haitian red cross who have been here before the disaster. they are the people. we work with the haitian red cross and the volunteers are from the communities. they are actually in the displaced person camps. we are working directly with the people. when we approach with aid, we have an agreement and we already have a familiarity with the folks we are working with. as long as we bring it in and treat people with honor, they sense that and treat us with honor. our districts are working well. we are not really having any big problems in our distribution yet. some of the large districts or large warehouses have been the scene of desperation by angry crowds. in our operation, so far, so good. we realize the desperation and the clock is ticks.
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we have it under control. the american red cross relief team is specialized in districts in large numbers and how to integrate with the people you are distributing with. we are having them organize the operation for us and together with us. it's beneficial for both of us that people are giving the aid and the people receiving that it goes well. so far so good, but we are just starting. >> we appreciate that and the whole world is watching. thank you for your work. steve andrew with the red cross. >> more now on president obama's response to the earthquake and a potential political crisis here at home. jeff scarborough is the host of morning joe. let's go to the response in haiti. this is the first time president obama had to deal with an international natural disaster and often times presidents have their political implications on how they handle these types of
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situations. that said, how would you rate the white house's response? >> they have done everything they can do so far. there is carping on the far right with people suggesting that the president was going to use this for political gain as if this were an easy operation to do. it's not. over the next 24 to 48 hours, we are going to see how critical the situation becomes. it can spiral out of control quickly. the president has been aggressive. he might have to get more aggressive and we may have to send more troops to maintain order to get the supplies and the water and the food and the medicine and even the diapers to help these people in the desperate position. >> we want to talk about a crisis here at home. massachusetts, the president is making a last minute trip to boston tomorrow to campaign for martha copely. she was way ahead in the polls and a new poll shows her trailing her challenger pat brown for ted kennedy's seat.
7:18 am
this can have major implications for an upset. >> i don't talk to republicans in times like this. i talk to democrats in massachusetts. in boston, they are shocked. they can't believe two things. they can lose ted kennedy's seats. over the past two or three days, it looks like they can lose, but they are angry at martha cokely who ran one of the worst campaigns in recent history in that state. she suspended the campaign for a month or two. she doesn't like going out and doing public events. they had to fight her in one debate and made the mistake yesterday of identifying kurt schilling as a new york yankees fan. that would be the equivalent of trying to win votes in queens walking in a boston red sox cap. you don't do that. she is out of touch. >> how risky is it for the
7:19 am
president to go in there and lobby? he has health care hanging in the balance and a timeline to get in a vote for potentially a republican to take office if she loses. where does he stand? >> he's got to do what he has got to do. look at john corzine. we have behind the scenes stories of him complaining about campaigning for corzine, but he did it the sunday before the tuesday and corzine still lost. he campaigned in virginia to no effect. in off year elections and especially in special elections, presidents even as popular as barack obama don't have coat tails. his biggest problem is he is very well-liked in massachusetts, but policies aren't. health care reform is more unpopular than popular up there. this may end up being one more protest against this health care reform bill that is turning into
7:20 am
a political nightmare for democrats. >> thank you as always. let's go to the news desk with more of this morning's headlines. >> good morning, amy and everyone. we begin with president obama vowing this morning to pass a bank fee to recoup billion for banks in blouts. he said if big banks can afford massive bonuses, they can afford the fee. it could generate $90 billion. white house and staffers in washington are rushing to reach a compromise on the health care bill. harry reid said negotiators are close to a compromise. at issue, the cost of expanding the program for all states which is a key element of expanding coverage to millions who don't have health insurance. an independent review of the ft. hood massacre said the military
7:21 am
remains unprepared to stop threats. they reviewed a look at the shooting spree with hasz an. 13 people were killed. the pentagon should work more closely to identify potential threats, they said. it's a sale that might be out of this world. nasa is selling the space shuttle and once the spaceships are retired. nasa is offering them at a discount. instead of $42 million, you could be the proud owner for $28 million. so far if you can believe this, 20 bids from buyers, mainly museums. you have to wonder how much the shipping would be on something like that. can you get that fedexed? i don't know. now back to amy, karl, and bill. >> fantastic mileage though. >> 10 miles per gallon? >> we have a check of the
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forecast. warmer than it has been. >> the january thaw has been appreciated. we are talking about the brutal winder and we got a break. doesn't mean we don't have issues, but not too many snowy spots. a rainmaker in the gulf through the southeast will be in new england and mid-atlantic. get ready on the >> goodng. vening. first ligyou' of dawn. temperatures drop to 30. that's the low so far. geersls today's forecas. we make it to near 50, and we will see some clomarys by theng weather. get ready out there in areas of california. los angeles has a chance of rain five days in a row. that hasn't happened in months.
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that's a look at the weekend forecast. amy? >> we'll be right back, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, donations for haiti. how long does it take for your money to make it to those in need? >> an exclusive story of survival. first these messages. it's 7:26. our top story, the usnns comfort
7:26 am
getting ready to head for earthquake-ravaged haiti. >> good morning. rniou can tell operatio dewe wnitely starting to brap u on shore as the -- wrap6.p on shore as the ship prepares to leave for haiti. if it were a hinapital on land, it wouhit be the largest hospil in maryland. it can expand to te coe care oft leastshow,000 patient beds. they have 12 operating rooms on boar6 c13 g they have intensive care6.nits, they have a burn unit, they have a recovery war6 c13 g they have the c fability of making an immediate impact once they reach haiti. this ship is too large to dock at haiti's bay. they will be getting patients on board villa helicopter and boat. earlier we spoke with commander capi surrette with the navy surgeon general's office, and i asked him if this was a dangerous mission.
7:27 am
he said certainly del are security iityues. gee said they are going area that is largely ruled by gangquak and these are desperat people. they have to take precautions when they are in the haitian s.ountryside. once they get there, this mission is open-ende6 c13 g that means they have no idea when they are coming back. they will be there as long as they are needed. here in canton, jennifer franciotti. e dow b beik to you. >> stay with us. when we come b beiitt wslll che
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>> h.d. drinpler rthe bar showsn in tennessee, parts of north carolina, and a little ice mt td in with that and a litwe sleet. it is a high, thin, cloud deck. we have a few scattered clomary rniou can see on the ea horizon clouds over the del mar va. lelans take a look at what the current situation will be by evening. low preityure center moving out of the gulf over land. laissiityn tpi, rains getting6.- steady rains over the carolinas. tennessee and high presithre giving way to the storm and changing the bick tour by tomo the tomo the up near 50 for the high. not quite as warateas yesteadsa south wenat w at afort hour. longer forecasis go only in the --per 3ents to near 40. and by monday we partially clear out, the rain shouhit ng. nd an we'll be back in the 40's for highs. is. we'll have another live update in 45 nginutes.
7:30 am
-- 25 minutes. >> are we are back on this saturday morning with a look at def and destruction left by the powerful 7.0 earthquake. it is nearly 4 days since it hit and the search and rescue goes on. in studio 1 a i'm karl quintanilla. this is amy robach. we have been checking with lester holt. >> the numbers are staggering much the 8ian government anticipates between 100,000 and 200000,000 were killed in the earthquake and 1/3 of the
7:31 am
capital city destroyed. >> relief groups are focused on moving aid to the survivors. hillary clinton said it was a race against time before anxiety and anger create additional problems. she is assisting with the recovery. >> there is an out pouring of financial support. more than $10 million has been raised through text messaging. how do you know where your money is going? we have tips on donating coming up. >> we will meet a student who survived the quake and has been reunited with her family. three classmates are still missing. we will find out about her ordeal. >> first we start across the border from haiti. some of the injured, those who can find a way are making their way there for treatment.
7:32 am
nbc's tom lamas is in the dominican town. good morning. >> there no hospitals in haiti and may not be enough in the dominican republic. yesterday is became completely over-wellmed. we literally saw truck loads of patients coming to the hospital. we say truck loads because that's how they are coming in. on pick up and cargo trucks. once inside, it's hard to navigate. so many patients are on the floor. mostly women and children in some cases. there two patients to one bed and three infants to one bed. we ran into one little boy who suffered a skull fracture in the earthquake and did not know what was going on and could not speak the language. he speaks french and creole. they are completely overwhelmed and things have gotten so bad, they opened up an amputation
7:33 am
wing. to save many of the victims, they have to amputate limbs now because they don't have the supplies or manpower to keep them alive. gang green has set in and the only way to rescue them is to amputate their limbs. it's a very, very sat scene. for many haitians, surviving was only half the misery. >> with so much need, what is the most important item doctors are telling they need at this point? >> reporter: one doctor grabbed me and told me we need three things. please tell the american people. doctors, supplies and more space. so tents and anywhere where they can treat the patients. >> nbc's tom llamas. we appreciate it. as conditions grow dire, time is running out for the rescuers. luke and his family live in haiti and he is the founder of
7:34 am
fire side international. a nonprofit media company focused on education. he is documenting the aftermath of the quake. he joins us to talk about what he has seen and personally experienced. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> reporter: good morning, amy. thanks for having me. >> i want to ask you how you survived the earthquake. >> reporter: we live 90 miles to the north and we did feel it, but there wasn't much damage. all the way here, there wasn't any significant damage. thankly for the family as well. >> what has it been like in port-au-prince since the earthquake hit tuesday night? you had the experience of knowing what it was like before the earthquake hit. tell me what you have seen in the past four days. >> reporter: one of the things i noticed is someone here prior to
7:35 am
the earthquake. while there a lot of people moving around the city, it's a different moving around. now the people that are moving around are displaced. you will see large crowds of people moving, but they are moving with something they are trying to accomplish. right now so many just don't have a home. they are moving not because they are going somewhere or coming from somewhere, they just have nothing else to do. it's almost a refugee situation within their own city. it's awkward to be honest. >> we are hearing about frustrations and anger and fear and obviously the death that has been building within the city. do haitians know help is on the way or are they feeling let down? what are you hearing? >> reporter: i passed the national palace and started talking with the families living in large self-made camps there. one of the families said to me where are you from? i said i'm an american.
7:36 am
they said is anyone coming? it occurred to me how important communications is and how little there is in haiti. i was glad to them yes, help is on the way. ships are on the water and planes are in the air. they were relieved, but had no way to know that. it's sobering to think how few people out there have a connection to the outside world. with the cell phone system having collapsed the way it did. >> i know you are do you meaning this with pictures and video, certain moments stand out. has there been one for you as you are documenting this? >> reporter: i found through the process the most interesting thing to me. the self revelation has been i have been disconnected. things i would have thought should just rock me at my core haven't. it's two thing things that made me break down. day i saw a father carrying his son. nothing was wrong and they
7:37 am
seemed happy and just moving by me, but because i have a son, all of a sudden i have been good at putting luke away, but he was connected to something real and i had a break down. the other thing is i was walking across the top of the dilapidated hotel and trying to navigate the surface and i put my foot down on a piece of concrete with tile on the surface. as my fat came down, it slip and immediately i was reminded of when i lived in florida. it your foot is wet you can slip on tile. it was awkward, but it connected me as a real person to where i was and brought me into the moment. other than that it's a necessary survival mechanism. to help people and move around. you have to find a way to see past what's wrong and look for the beauty and the hope of the haitian people. >> we appreciate the pictures you have been able to give us and help us understand the devastation that is continuing
7:38 am
there in haiti. we appreciate your time and thanks for being with us this morning. >> reporter: thanks for having me, amy. >> we want to check in >> the shan is out. scattered clomarys. barometer high. light southwest wind to calatea times. a west to southwest wind today. we'll see a mix of6.n ithn and i houat
7:39 am
>> if you want the weekend plans. you can go to amy. >> coming up next, americans are donating millions to the haiti relief effort, but do you know where your money is going? the answer is next, but first these messages. i still had high cholesterol. that really hit me, and got me thinking about my health. i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control. but exercise and eating healthy weren't enough for me. now i trust my heart to lipitor. (announcer) when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60%. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant.
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>> there is an out pouring of support. through text messaging alone, more than $10 million has been raised. what happens to the money once you made the donation? sharon, it's always good to see you. they are raising a lot of money. the red cross is raising more than with any disaster. how do we know what will happen to the money? >> everyone wants to do the right thing and send a donation and make sure it gets there quickly. people need to do their research. make sure you are donating to a reputable organization that is on the ground in haiti. as we heard from the red cross, they had personnel there that are mobilized. >> do we know what kind of relief your donations may go towards? >> a lot of reputable organizations will tell you on their website where the money is going or to the best of their knowledge. like the red cross saying it
7:43 am
relieves supplies for financial recovery for victims of the earthquake. also if you go to doctors without borders, it talks about the emergency medical care that it's going it give. if you go to the website, you may find out information there and you want them to you what the money will be used for. >> the other thing is how quickly it can be allotted. how do you know the money i give will not be put into a bank account and used later on? >> we know there roadblocks and it's difficult for aid workers to get the supplies there, but we know from the organizations and also the credit card companies how much time it takes. if you make a donation with your american express, it may take 24-hours to three days for the money to get to the organization and it depends on how the organization is going to take that money and distribute it. you want to make sure how the organization has a lot of funds in the past. you look to see how much goes to programs in general versus
7:44 am
management and fund-raising and make sure at least 75% of the expenses goes to programs and therefore you can be assured that that money is going to the relief efforts. >> there a couple of websites like charity and the relief organizations. >> it has a pie chart that breaks down the expenses and where the money is going. this is based on the past not telling us where the money to haiti is going, but you get an idea. other people who donated can tell you how the money is being used. >> some of them are waiving these things called transaction costs. what are those? >> merchants pay transaction costs whether you buy a sweater or donating money. this is a good thing that they said they will waive the transaction fees for haitian relief. pay pal working with save the children is waiving expenses and transaction fees for this.
7:45 am
the great thing about the carriers if you are doing text messaging, verizon is waiving the fees if you decide to text the donation. >> anything that helps. >> everyone wants the montle faster. there is a lag time. traditionally it can take up to 90 days to get that money to the charity. verizon made an announcement that they sent about $3 million to haitian relief, bypassing the usual system. normally when you text message a donation, it takes time. >> appreciate the good insight. log on to our website for a list of participating organizations. we are back after these messages for your retirement makes sense, just stay on track. what is...? that's the guidance you get from fidelity. thanks. stay on the line!
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♪ today's a new day. talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. earlier we spoke with lester who makes his way into haiti this morning. it's a difficult juniory that takes as much as 10 hours. ron allen describe what is he saw on the road to port-au-prince yesterday. >> reporter: the road from the dominican republic is a line. eight vans and buses with staff and supplies arrived after sunrise at the border.
7:49 am
crossing through a zone tightly sealed by the dominican government, fearful of being overrun by refugees. the road is clear. >> clear because people knew this way would be blocked to get out. they are trucking around the route up to the mountains and the hills. >> the seriously wounded are pouring into this border hospital. doctors performing hundreds of surgeries and amputations. among the injured, children brought in scared and alone. the hospital is now closing doors, overwhelmed and unable to accept more victims. down the road is gridlock. peruvian solars were trying to get water through. these women had a house that collapsed. clouds with lines stretching for a quarter mile. they are carting away the injured and dead. what we did not see, police and
7:50 am
troops taking charge. many places where people were desperate for help could go. >> that was nbc's ron allen on
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come, aid workers struggle to deliver supplies to survivors. >> a university student is lucky to be alive. her story of survival, but first these messages. s dollar menu. with so much to choose from, i contemplated all my options. and finally went in for the 100% beefy, melty mcdouble. i thought it was the best dollar i ever spent. and i know a thing or two about the value of a dollar. ♪ ba da ba ba ba and i know a thing or two about the value of a dollar. ♪
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7:56 am
to sail to haiti. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is lfite in canton with more. what's going on there? >> i can tell you, the crew is anxm us to get on boaads there. they have had a lot to do to get read, y to go to haiti to provs humanitarian aid. you have to understand, just a f ce days ago, this ship was in maintenance mode. >> a few days ago there was,0o water or anything on the ship, and now it is fully equipped and read, y to p, pvide military assistance to our friends in haiti. >> now it is fulyou have operat read, y to p, pvide anything tha hospital can provide. it will be off-shore bpa use s is so large, so patients will be
7:57 am
brought in villa helic. iter and o uat. spa urity will be an issue. that is something they will have to be mindful of while they are underway. this is a hospital ship c fe whle of 1,000 patient beds. they can do everything that a normal hhorpital can do. they couhit p, pvide immedttlt assistance to the haitians in need. just a fhan f beit for you, rig there up top in the center of the shihan we are told they ha some 7n theing on00 water bottl already aboard and ready to of reporting lfity, see aennid thr franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> when we come b beik, wing to
7:58 am
s t> ilans dter e here. live h.d. doppler radar showing i houat w beginning to move in m
7:59 am
the south. these are high, thin, clouds, so it is,0ot ofoing to r wan the d by any stretch. they are mostly thin. in a lit smpe mhor smpy rai? b little ice mixed into the higher elevations doac in ted andesseed north carolina at this stage. that's the reading edge of a sto let's sthat i what it's about t look like later on today. the storm will be coming on broore down in the gulf coast ad begin to really push some serious rain in our d mopa tion. that will be overnight. overthe day, the harih presithr starts to brehat dow6 c13 our forecast today mostly cloudy skies and a harih of 52. south winat w at 10 miles an ho. we have a wet, cold, day on ithnday. 30's to near 4ey jt monday looks dry. >> thanks, joh6 c13 thanea you forsee aan ining6.s.
8:00 am
we'll have another life update in 25 minutes. good morning. desperate hours. >> please do something for me. >> as conditions in haiti grow more dire. >> nobody showed up here. >> there going to be many difficult days ahead. >> a race against time to find anyone still alive under mountains of rubble. as aid workers struggle to deliver relief supplies to survivors increasingly desperate for food and water, today saturday, january 16th, 2010.
8:01 am
>> welcome to today on a saturday morning. i'm amy robach. >> lester holt is on his way into haiti. supplies are getting on the ground, but the clock is ticking. >> he got into the dominican republic early this morning and has a 10-hour trek into port-au-prince almost four days after. time is the enemy for those trapped in the rubble and for the injured still waiting for medical help, the haitian government believes between 100 and 200,000 people were killed. 40,000 vehicles have been buried in mass graves. among survivors, two to three million people are in need of food, water, and shelter and medical care. >> the pentagon said 4200 military personnel are in haiti on navy and coast guard ships
8:02 am
offshore. by monday that will be more than 10,000. with relief agencies, they will face a population desperate for help with patience wearing thin. >> secretary of state hillary clinton will get a firsthand look and president obama will meet at the white house with former president clinton and george w. bush enlisting their help in an effort for earthquake relief. >> this morning we have an interview with a lynn university student who was caught in the rubble. he is safe and with us back in the states this morning. four of her classmates are missing. >> we want to check with carrey sanders in port-au-prince. good morning. >> good morning. the activity right now is busy. over my shoulder you can see members of the 82nd airborne. they have their packs up and in the distance, there is a helicopter they are loading on and getting ready to go out to the areas that are affected. they loaded boxes in their hands and other supplies there.
8:03 am
at the same time as they are doing this, there is one more plane landing with more supplies. there is a tremendous amount of material arriving and today it appears we are going to see that getting into the hands of the people who need it most. >> we understand you are at the airport there itself. has it been busy? there a lost problems as we heard others mentioning in getting the planes to land. >> only because it is so busy. let's put it this way. since i have been here, i have not heard a moment where i didn't hear a helicopter and jet engine. that's 24 hours. since wednesday. it's as busy as it gets. >> that's good news for those who are waiting for supplies many of those planes are carrying. we appreciate it. >> even as the american mill tear and relief organizations ramp up in haiti, the need for
8:04 am
medical care with those who survived is overwhelming. as many as three million people are in need of help. for many urgent care. for the latest we are joined by nbc's chief science correspondent. good morning. >> reporter: the question is this. how much can you get these planes here around and the cars on the road, how quickly can they get the medical care to the people that need it? what happens is the best of intentions. there thousands of people bringing in supplies who want to help. there is a lot of volunteer surgeons and nurses, but getting them to the people who need them in time before infection kills the patients is a challenge and for many people who have bone-crushing injuries and others amputateds and those
8:05 am
problems, the aid is not going to get there in time. >> talk briefly about the weather. no rain in the forecast, but the temperatures are expected to go into the 90s or at least 90 degrees. what potential problems can be because of the extreme heat? >> reporter: extreme heat will cause bodies to bloat faster and people who are dehydrated to lose their lives faster for lack of water and makes it generally more unpleasant. it would be worse if it did rain so there is a tiny hopeful sign that there is no rain in the forecast. the heat and lack of water, fewer than 1/3 of haitian his clean water to start with. there is an enormous amount of illness in this community. tuberculosis and diarrhea and other things that kill thousands
8:06 am
of children and adults a year. that's already here. when somebody gets wounded, the chances of getting infected are extremely high. almost a perfect storm of medical conditions to cause the maximum number of deaths with the injured. >> we appreciate your coverage from port-au-prince. here's amy. >> thank you, lester holt just crossed into haty this morning headed to port-au-prince and joins us this morning on the phone. good morning. >> amy, good morning. we made the crossing here. [inaudible] . . >> of course it's difficult to hear lester as he is on the road. it's a 10-hour journey from the dominican republic to port-au-prince. they fly into the dominican
8:07 am
republic and into haiti. lester is on the same road with the people to receive the much-needed medical treatment where there hospitals. they are being filled to the brim and to the point where they can't take on any more injured. >> you talk about the problems and access on the airport. access by sea and a lot of the sea ports don't have the forklifts to get the goods off. going into the city and into the countryside as well. >> we will check back with lester as he makes his way in. >> the relief organizations to help victims. one has a long and successful history. that's world vision. a world vision relief expert who spent decades in disaster response and arrived on friday morning. good morning to you. huh your team in haiti as we said for many years. 30 years. when the earthquake hit, was your team -- did they jump in
8:08 am
and respond or were they too busy reacting to the earthquake themselves? >> it was a combination. i must say i was amazed at the number of our staff that started thinking of how they could help others. there was a basic distribution of the relief goods we had. they were doing that within the day of the earthquake itself. we had one loss of staff and almost every one of the star members has been affected losing a family member or a friend. it's very obvious what they have gone through. >> no surprise we are beginning to see the results of the frustration. people who have gone without water or food for days now. give me an honest accounting on the potential effects of lawlessness or looting or violence. how prepared are you in dealing with that and what should we look for in the days to come? >> i think the biggest antidote to violence is to get adequate
8:09 am
relief distributed in this country. yes, there is evidence, but i think we have to be careful not to exaggerate it. in our experience, we have not had any of that experience. we are still positive and it's critical that we get more relief in and the challenge is to distribute. >> are you confident that the supply chain that the roads and the pipeline is going to be broadened in 24 to 48 hours? >> reporter: there is no question. if we can have the same discipline as we had at the airport, for example over the last 24 hours, there could be a difference. the roads issue is more complicat complicated. we need relief supplies by ocean and also i think there needs to be more rigorous trucking in from the dominican republic as well. >> one final question on the children. the pictures of kids in that
8:10 am
country we are seeing. it's hard to describe the emotions that go through your mind. separate fridd from their famil. what's being done for them? >> reporter: i don't think we are doing enough. we are paying special care when we come upon children making sure they have care. we are hoping in the next week or so to put up child-friendly space we call them. there will be a place to congregate and there is no school here at the moment. that's critical that children can not get lost in the massive response that's required at world vision. we are determined to make sure that doesn't happen. >> joining us from world vision, appreciate your time very much this morning. here's amy. >> thank you. president obama is meeting with former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton to enlist their help with america's response to the crisis. nbc's mike viquiera is at the
8:11 am
house with that. >> reporter: a rare bipartisan moment showing unity of purpose. george w. bush will return to the white house for the first time since leaving on inauguration day a year ago wednesday. he will be joined by bill clinton with president obama and meet in the oval office in a couple of hours and up here in the rose garden where they will announce an effort to enlist the american people to help in the effort in haiti. reminisce ant of what george w. bush did when he asked his father and bill clinton to help out in the aftermath in 2004 in indonesia to raise money and effort that was largely seen as successful and raised more than $1 billion from corporations and private individuals. president clinton has a long history in haiti both personal and professional. he is the un envoy to haiti. he is interested in the country as is his wife, now secretary of state. he will head to haty this
8:12 am
morning and meet with the president. he just had his first conversation with president obama yesterday after several unsuccessful attempts to reach each other and an indication of how difficult communications are in the country. >> mike viquiera with the latest from the white house. >> we have some of the morning's other headlines. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the tightening race in massachusetts for the late senator ted kennedy's seat. he will travel to massachusetts tomorrow to campaign for democratic candidate martha cokely. she locked in a tight race with scott brown and if democrats lose the seat it would end their super majority and the health care reform bill. new pictures released showing missing baby gabriel. the pictures were taken of the 8-month-old in ann antonio motel and time stamped december 26th, the last day police confirm
8:13 am
gabriel was seen. the baby's mother elizabeth johnson is indicted on kidnapping and child abuse. one year later, survivors of the miracle on the hudson reunited on friday. many of the passengers along with the crew and the hero captain sullen burger took the ferry to the spot where it landed. at 3:31, the moment of impact, the crew and persons marked the occasion by making a toast. finally president obama, the musical. it's called hope and the cast perform a drááj rehearsalñr friy inko germany. the musicalu%á coast.
8:14 am
8:15 am
about three or four storms in a row coming onshore. that's your weekend forecast. amy? >> thanks so much. still to come, she is a student at lind university and on a project when the earthquake struck. how she made it out of the rubble while her friends are still missing. after these messages. one that's changing the rules... that comes to you, even adapts to how you learn. where is it written that you can't change your life? it isn't written anywhere. it's good to be rewarded for your purchases.
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8:17 am
>> 20-year-old misty elliott arrived in haiti one day before the earthquake. it was part of a humanitarian project to help the people of haiti. she was trapped in the rubble beforing out. she is a long with her parents join us exclusively this morning. thank you for being here. what an ordeal. how are you doing? >> i'm doing okay. >> you have only been here for 24 hours or so back in the united states, but take us back. you had only been in the country for a day when the earthquake struck. where were you and what were you doing? >> we arrived on monday and did service work all day monday and all day tuesday and got back to the hotel. it was around 3:30 and all went our operate ways and did stuff. i was in the room when the earthquake struck. >> had you ever been in an earthquake before? what was it like? >> it was horrible.
8:18 am
i walked out of the bathroom and everything was shake skpig ran to the bed and the floor dropped under my feet. >> within seconds you had a small opening? >> i had to through the room next to me and drop down to the ground floor and climb under the roof. >> how long did it take total? >> actually stayed in the room for a while because i was trying to find my cell phone. it was working over there and i couldn't find it. finally i saw white and i climbed out. >> can you take me back emotionally? how does your mind process something like that? >> i didn't realize it was an earthquake. i thought a bomb went off or something. i just tried to stay calm and i kept saying i can't believe this is happening. i knew i had to try to save myself. >> thankfully you did. you called your husband. i can't imagine as a parent what
8:19 am
you were thinking. >> i had no idea how horrible it was. i was at my office working and i jumped in the car and started making phone calls. i still had not heard until i got home how terrible the earthquake was. my heart was down to my toes. it was a long hard drive home. >> michael, you rushed home as well? >> correct. >> what were you thinking until you heard from your daughter? you are imagining the worst. >> as soon as i got home, i turned the tvs on and i didn't realize the impact of everything happening. i contacted lynn university to try to get more information. they gave me a number to the state department and i did get through to them. the state department with credentials like her birth date and stuff like that and they put her on a national watch list.
8:20 am
>> that are has to be so scare to make that phone call and give that information. then you got a text message from her. >> it was thursday morning. we landed in atlanta at the airport on the way to florida. i turned the cell phone on and as soon as we landed we were back on the phone. i opened it up and it was a strange number and it said i'm okay. i'm on my way to the dominican. i will call you later. love you. i was screaming she's alive! he's screaming she's alive. we were crying and the whole plane is screaming and clapping their hands. it was a million pounds off my shoulder: >> you have tears in your eyes just recalling that moment. >> it was a day i will never forget. what we had been going through
8:21 am
trying to get information and figure out where she was at the time. we knew there was a group of eight students, but the reports that we were getting is there was only seven with melissa missing. with the support of family and friends and with coworkers, we couldn't give up hope. she was best friends and why she wasn't in the pockets. as things evolved and we got the text message up to atlanta, it was a miracle. we are still missing six of the 14 and we need to get the people back and keep up the faith and hopes and prayers and continue
8:22 am
to do whatever we can to get it back. >> you have to be incredibly worried about the friends you have who are missing. >> i want people to know anything they can do to help is grit. we want them to come back safely. >> we certainly are glad you were able to. the parents had to have one homecoming. we appreciate it. her parents as well. michael and lisa. thank you for coming. we appreciate it and glad you are back safe and sound. we'll be right back, but first this is on nbc.
8:23 am
8:24 am
we will switch gears and meet three women who went on the ultimate ski trip to the south pole. but why? >> plus is your kitchen making you sick? we will explain, but first these messages. but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off.
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8:26 am
baltimore is under investigation. you can see the intensity of the fire started around 6:00 p.m. friday. the fire may have started in the basement, but one firefighter suffered a first degree burns to the face. he is in stable condition. the residents all made it out safely. a high-school teacher has been suspended. police say she had an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student. kristyn nicole breeds is a teacher at north these ties school. officials sent a letter home to parents offering support to students. >> we know we have some kids who are hurting and we will seek them out in small groups. we have done a pa announcement to direct students. >> she was arrested and charged with several sex offenses.
8:27 am
ahead of tonight's game between the ravens and indianapolis colts, the governor is raising the stakes with gov. martin o'malley. he is offering a sugar cream pie and shrimp cocktail. he was the losing governor to display the opposing team's flag on his governors vehicle. the following week -- martin o'malley has accepted the bat and he has offered crabcakes. when we come back we will check
8:28 am
>> we have a few scattered clouds. more clouds to the south, and
8:29 am
the storm moving in. these are thin clouds. the rains are off to the south with a little bit of ice mixed in in north carolina. we will get precipitation later tonight, so we will be dry today. by this evening a low pressure center will be coming on land and the steady rainfall will be moving out of georgia and into parts of the carolinas. it will take awhile for the storm to get here for this high pressure to break down and allow things to change. for today, partly cloudy skies. unseasonably mild but still not as warm as hester said -- not as warm as yesterday. tomorrow will be a wet day. a 90% chance we will seek heavy rain, mostly in the 30's all day long. martin luther king day looks dry on monday. the end of the week could have a wintery mix.
8:30 am
>> thank you for joining us. our news continues in 25 minutes. we are back on this saturday morning, january 16th, 2010 with a hearty crowd joining us and we thank them for being part of our day. i'm karl for lester holt as we makes his way into haiti. >> coming up in the next half hour, we will talk to women from six countries who traveled more than 560 miles in 38 days all to get to the south pole. it's the journey of a lifetime. we will meet them and ask them why in a few minutes. >> did you know every year that warehouse clubs bring in $25
8:31 am
billion? it's true. we buy all these things and are we making the right choices? we will talk about the best and worst buys you can make at a warehouse store that can save you money. >> who can eat that much corn in a can. did you see it? is your kitchen making you fat? let's blame the kitchen. there unwanted calories lurking in your kitchen and it's not just in your food. we will explain
8:32 am
anywhere from northern new england and that's not bad for this time of year.
8:33 am
we want to wish you a happy 8th birthday. who is this little? >> emma. she is months. >> hi! babies love the mikes. let's go back inside to amy. >> here is a road trip you don't hear about every day. seven women from all walks of decided the to ski through antarctica. 560 miles over 38 days in subzero temperatures. this morning, three of them are here in the heldative comfort of our studio to tell us about it. felicity, stephanie and era. felicity, you cofounded this project. 800 women applied to be a part and only seven made the trek. me what the purpose was and why was it so important some. >> i'm lucky enough to be a
8:34 am
woman who has made my own choices and we are in the 21st century and a lot of women don't have that option. either through cultural, family or economic pressures. it was important to put together a group of women to highlight what women can and are doing in all areas of modern life and all kinds of industries. stephanie here is the first person from the country to ski to the south pole. not the first woman, the first person. that's a strong statement to make. >> that are is impressive. let me ask you. when it dips below freezing, we are all explaining. the temperatures are minus 15 to minus 20 degrees fahrenheit. how did you prepare yourself to brave the elements. why did you want to? >> i think we had really good kids. that's how we managed the temperature. when you ski, you don't really feel it that cold. you are exercising and you are
8:35 am
producing heat. managing the temperature was the challenge. you couldn't sweat as much. >> i imagine there was not a lot of sweating going on. stephanie, this took 38 days. this was not just a couple of days. this was over a month. tell me about a typical day. sleeping, eating and showering. how did it work? >> there was not a lot of free time. wake up call was 6:30 and within an hour and a half you had to be dressed and eating breakfast. >> what kind of breakfast did you have? >> porridge. >> checking on that. >> that are might be the last time i do porridge, but you had to fix up any blister or wounds and bring down the tents and get ready and put the skis on. 10 hour skiing sessions and 1 1/2 hours each time with a 7-minute break. in the seven minutes you had to
8:36 am
do whatever you needed. we are talking whatever. >> we get it. >> get food in and hydrate and another 1 1/2 hours. a different person navigating. this was done because it's a great mental strain. >> we are hearing about the physical demands, but what about the emotional toll to pull it off. >> i feel like people forget the mental challenge. it's mo notinous and 10 hours for 38 days. can you remember what you were doing 38 days ago? it was a long time ago. you have to keep your mind busy and think of things to think about. it sounds easy, but after 38 days, it's quite a struggle. a real mental strength to keep going. >> you all made history. what does it feel like to be the 1st person from your country.
8:37 am
>> amazing to represent my country. >> stephanie? >> the record is a bonus. i think it was anyone's main reason for participating in the expe dig. we wanted to be part of it because of the ideology. the women promoting women into cultural understanding and diversity and tolerance and communication. they are important messages that the team wants to convey to the rest of the world. we can do it as women even though we have been tune into not getting out of our comfort zones that often. >> all the work that went into it. felicity, thanks for being with us. shopping at warehouse clubs and the best and worst coming up. first, these messages. doctor. he told me i had choices in controller medicines. we chose symbicort. symbicort starts to improve my lung function
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this morning, the best and worst buys at warehouse club. many us do at least part of our shopping at costco and sam's club. they can be a good deal, but only if you know what to buy and what not to buy. the best and worst ideas with lisa freeman. good to see you. these can be a great deal. you will save money, but it's hard to store some things. let's talk about what's easy to store and things you should be buying. >> certain things are great to stock up on. whether or not you have storage space, cereal will last a year. coffee a couple of years. >> a couple of years? >> in the can unopened. when you open it, keep it in the freezer.
8:42 am
jams are a year or two. even after you open them, they last a while because sugar say natural preservatives. if you buy the kind without the added sugar, it doesn't last as long. vegetables can last up to five years. you can really stock up. >> unopened. is there a way to store them to make sure they last longer? >> absolutely. you know how it said on the can or container store in a cool dark place and i will stick it up in the cabinet or the pantry, but if you have an oven or under cabinet lighting, that's a heat source. that may not be a great place. >> how about paper products? >> this is stuff people love to buy because it never goes bad. we sent price checkers to more than 100 stores and looked at prices at warehouse stores and wal-mart and super markets and these really are up to 50% less expensive than the other stores. it pays to buy things like paper towels and paper plates and
8:43 am
reynolds wrap and drugs like advil. >> unless you live in manhattan. this would be a bet room. >> this could be a chair. >> how about the worst? >> bottled sodas because they only last a few months versus canned. that's something a lot of people don't know. also rice. that will last until the next ice age, but brown rice has something in them that makes them -- oils that can make them rancid and only lasts 6 is months. obviously fruits and vegetables. butter, but four months in the freezer is about it. >> in the freezer and done? >> the food will change and the flavor will change. high acid foots just 18 months. that's tomato sauce and things like that. >> we're think we get a good deal, but some you don't save that much. >> absolutely. our price checkers found that
8:44 am
coca-cola and ocean spray cranberry juice were about the same price as other stores. if you have a wal-mart, that's a better place to buy it. >> the frozen things, things in the freezer will last forever. >> maybe you have a freezer in the garage and you think it will last forever. frozen meals only three to four months and then it loses its flavor. you won't get sick, but it won't taste so good. ice cream maybe just a month. >> the cube ones don't do a lot of good. >> you can only use the coupons at the super market and buy them on special. >> that's a good way to get the shopping at the clubs. up next, is your kitchen making you fat? we will reveal what's at the heart of your unwanted weight. first, this is today on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> are now here's a question. is your kitchen making you fat. i'm not talking about the 52 food, but things in your kitchen that may encourage to you eat more and in some cases weigh more than necessary. the executive editor of prevention is here with simple fixes. thanks for being with us. a lot of us have a resolution to lose weight. i can think of lots of excuses as to why i might be eating more. i never thought of blaming my kitchen. >> it's true. recent research of nutrition found that little factors like what glasses we use have a direct impact on how much we eat. simple tips can help you slim down. >> i will be honest, this is the size of my plate. that's not good. >> since 1970 our plates increased from 10 inches to 12 inches. eating on a smaller plate prevents us from taking too big
8:48 am
of a portion and we can lose two pounds in a months. look at the difference in how big the portion looks. on the small plate it looks bigger. when your eye sees a portion that looks too small, you top the eat more. >> more of a biscuit on this plate. >> place the main meat and the high calorie stuff on the salad plate and use the big plate for salad. >> which glass has more juice. >> which do you think? >> it looks like more, but i'm guessing this one. >> they have the same amount. studies show that when people pour into short glasses, they pour more because we ut height to figure out the portion. soda juice in the tall glass and use the short ones for water or calorie-free beverages. >> how about clutter? throwing your bills on the kitchen top. >> do you see any room for meal
8:49 am
prep? you are more likely to order pizza or grab cookies. there is actually a cutting board under here that you can't see. we are more likely to make unhealthy choices when the counter is not clear. >> designated places to eat. >> make it in your kitchen. separating eating out from other activities allows us to focus on the food and whether we are really full. when we are distracted, we eat 15% more. >> this seems like a no brainer, but eating family style is not good. >> we love family style in that we bond, but when there is a high calorie heaping bowl of cheesy pasta, we are more likely to have seconds and thirds. keep the pasta and the high calorie dishes on the stove and have people plate it there and leave the bowls of salad and vegetables on the table. you can pick at those.
8:50 am
>> here's another i haven't thought of. you are against a clear cookie jar. >> definitely. when you see a treat, you actually feel hungrier for it. >> when i walked in, i wanted one of these. that looks good. >> several people made that comment. your brain releases tope mean and you want the cookie. keep it in an opaque container. >> conversely in a clear jar or at least in the container, you want to put healthy food. >> we recommend a snack bucket to see the healthy foods front and center and put in portion-controlled treats like yog skpurt cheese sticks and fruit cups. if you choose the fruit over potato chips, you can climb down four pounds in six months. it adds up. >> we appreciate it. we'll be right back, but first these messages. it as fibromyalgia. d and then he recommended lyrica...
8:51 am
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lash stiletto it's show-stopping! ♪ maybe it's maybelline ♪ it's show-stopping! only $100. but am i wearing them now? hello. i'm wearing my older sister's jeans that she ruined with bbq sauce... or so i thought.
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see, my mom washed them with this tide stain release in-wash booster stuff. she's all, "you use it with your detergent to help get stains out the first time." are you kidding me? so now the stains are magically gone. and my sister passes on her jeans to me. what a life. [ female announcer ] tide stain release. stains out. no doubt. ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun. >> before we leave you, we want
8:54 am
to check in with lester making his way to port-au-prince this morning. >> we lost you that last phone report. this is a cell phone video. we crossed the border into haiti. a mass of truck there is with soldiers with masks on, but they were processing the vehicles as quickly as they could. a lot of vehicles coming in and out of haiti into the dominican republic to pick up supplies on this side of the border. the boarder is open and supplying are getting through. we hope to make it there in a few hours and see you tonight on nightly news. >> we look forward to seeing lester. >> that are does it for us on this saturday morning. our thanks to sam and bill. a lot more from ravage-torn haiti as relieve is beginning to make its way to the people. >> president obama is coming up on the first year in office. how would you grade him? we will find out when we see you tomorrow. >> have a good day.
8:55 am
good morning. >> here is a look at some of our top stories. the cause of a fire in
8:56 am
baltimore is under investigation. a resident shot this video and posted it on youtube. it started around 6:00 a.m. friday morning. firefighters say the fire may have started in the basement. one firefighter suffered a first degree burns to the face. he is in stable condition. four other firefighters were treated for serious injuries. police have arrested a t- shirt from pasadena. kristyn nicole breeds is accused of having an improper relationship with a student. three teachers were arrested after they received a complaint. she was having a relationship with a 17-old male student. a special adoption for one of baltimore's crime-biting schools. -- crime-fighting schools. slippy was on display in
8:57 am
downtown baltimore -- slurpy was on display. >> we have had questions that will be answered. >> the navy hospital is getting ready to set sail. details are ahead. >> an easy guy to financial security from the author of this book. deborah owens tells you how to get one of your own. >> temperatures are in the 50's and we will try for one more
8:58 am
8:59 am
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute welcome to 11 noon saturday morning. >> meteorologist john collins is here with a look outside. >> a few more clouds today and be pretty chilly, but the past two mornings have been chilly but a dramatic warm-up during the day. maybe not so dramatic today but still it warm-up. if we can do a warm-up this time of year it is good. we will only do that for one more day. you can get a hint of that on our doppler radar. i am in close here, i don't want you to see the whole thing. you can see som

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